Create a GitHub Identity App for Use with Livefyre Identity

You can use Livefyre Identity with GitHub Identity to allow users to use their GitHub logins to interact Apps on your site.

To allow users to log in with their GitHub Identity credentials, Livefyre requires the following GitHub Identity Information:

  • Client ID (Private Key)
  • Client Secret (Password)

To create an GitHub Identity App for use with Livefyre Identity:

  1. Create or sign in to a GitHub account at .

  2. Register a new or select an existing app for use with Livefyre Identity.

  3. Enter all information on the form. Enter the Authorization callback URL, using your network name instead of {network-name}: {network-name}:{network-name}

  4. In Livefyre Integration Settings Livefyre Identity GitHub, switch the Enable GitHub Login toggle to On.

  5. Enter the GitHub Client ID and GitHub Client Secret.

  6. Click Save Settings.

When complete, GitHub Identity’s app details page will list the App’s Client ID (Consumer Key) and Client Secret (Consumer Secret) for use in Studio’s Integration Settings page.

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