Use Livefyre Identity

Skip this section if you use a custom or third-party user management system.

Users may log into your apps using their social media accounts or an email-based account created exclusively for your site.

The Livefyre Identity package contains information necessary to delegate authentication. (Therefore, an explicit auth delegate is not required for Livefyre identity.)

To add social sign on to your Livefyre integration:

  1. Create your social apps.
  2. Connect your apps to Livefyre.
  3. Add Livefyre.js to the page.
  4. Initialize Livefyre Identity.

This document lists Livefyre specific aspects for the social providers’ app creation process. Livefyre is not responsible for any changes to their interface, nor can Livefyre provide assistance with the creation of these apps, or their approval process. Please use available Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Google developer information to create these apps, and navigate their approval process (if necessary).

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