Build the Ping

Build the ping so your page pings Livefyre when users update their profile.

When Livefyre receives an update notification with the networkName and user_id, the system will send a Pull request to your Ping for Pull URL.


403/Not Authorized in response to your Ping indicates an invalid lftoken appended to the Ping request. Please ensure that the lftoken is for a user_id with network owner privileges or the system user. If you are using Livefyre libraries, use the buildLivefyreToken method to generate a valid system token for the request.

  1. Add code to your page that pings Livefyre when users update their profile. Construct the URL this way:

    • networkName: Your Livefyre provided network name.
    • user_id: Your user’s ID.
    • token: Valid system token.
  2. Pull the request structure.

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