Build the Ping for Pull Response

Build the Ping for Pull response to transmit updated user information to Livefyre.

Type Property Description
String required id The user ID of the user in your profile system. This must be unique across all users in your Network, and must never change.
String required display_name The display name of the user. This will be rendered with Livefyre Content posted by the user.
Object optional, but recommended name Strings to define the user’s formatted, first, middle, and last names.
String optional, but recommended email User’s email address. Used to send email notifications.
String optional, but recommended image_url URL to an avatar to display for the user. Livefyre scales uploaded images to 100×100, 75×75, or 50×50 pixels, as appropriate. For best results, users should upload a square image, at 100×100 pixels. To ensure the avatar image is updated in Livefyre, modify the image_url for each image update so Ping for Pull detects that the image was changed. For example, attach a timestamp to the filename or increment the image changes. Note: All URLs must be fully qualified and accessible.
String optional, but recommended profile_url URL to the user’s profile page on your site.
String optional, but recommended settings_url URL to a page where users may configure the user’s profile settings for your site.
Array optional, but recommended tags Used to assign users to user groups. Tags may include 1-63 alphanumeric and underscore characters.
Boolean optional, but recommended autofollow_conversations Defines whether a user wishes to automatically follow a Collection after posting to it. When following a Collection, users receive email notifications when other users participate. May be true or false. Defaults to true.
Object optional, but recommended email_notifications Defines the frequency of available Livefyre email notifications. Different frequencies may be set for each notification type. By default, no notifications will be sent.
  • immediately issues notifications immediately upon the listed event.
  • often issues notifications in batches.
  • never will not send email notification for the activity.
  • comments: Defines when notifications are sent when other users post content into Collections that this user is following.
  • replies: Defines when notifications are sent when another user replies to this user’s content.
  • likes: Defines when notifications are sent when another user likes this user’s content.
  • moderator_comments: Defines when notifications are sent to moderators when users post content to any Collection in the Network.
  • moderator_flags: Defines when notifications are sent to moderators when other users flag content in any Collection in the Network.
String optional location A user-submitted location.
String optional bio A user-submitted autobiography.
Array optional websites An array of user-submitted sites. Max = 2.
Object optional display_rules Defines which profile properties are publicly visible to other users. Each available parameter takes Boolean input true or false. Available parameters:
  • bio
  • location
  • gender
  • nameimage
  • remote_profile_url
Boolean optional moderator Defines whether the user has moderator privileges across the network.
Boolean optional gravatar_disabled Defines whether to disable Livefyre’s use of a gravatar if no image_url is provided.

Example Response

 "id": "1234567890",
 "display_name": "Bob Dole",
 "name": {
   "formatted": "Bob Joseph Dole",
   "first": "Bob",
   "middle": "Joseph",
   "last": "Dole"
   "email": "",
   "image_url": "",
   "profile_url": "",
   "tags": ["bob", "dole"],
   "autofollow_conversations": "true",
   "email_notifications": {
      "comments": "never",
      "replies": "immediately",
      "likes": "often",
      "moderator_comments": "immediately",
      "moderator_flags": "immediately"
  "location": "Washington D.C., USA",
  "bio": "Bob Dole speaks in the third person",
  "websites": ["", ""],
  "display_rules": {
      "bio": "false",
      "location": "false",
      "gender": "false",
      "name": "false",
      "image": "false",
      "remote_profile_url": "false"
  "moderator": "true",
  "gravatar_disabled": "false"

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