Posting User Permissions to External Systems (Optional)

Livefyre uses a PUSH interface to send an external system information about changes to user permissions.

Types of Users in Livefyre Studio

User Type Description
owner This user is an owner, and can both moderate content, and assign new moderators.
admin This user is a moderator, and can moderate content.
member This user is allow-listed. Posted content does not pass through spam or profanity filters, and does not require approval in pre-moderated streams.
none This user is a standard user, and has no special permissions.
outcast This user has been banned from participating in any conversations.

To post user permissions to external systems, you must register a URL that receives permissions data as POST requests.

For example:

POST https://{networkName}{token}&push_affiliation_url={url}
Parameter Description
networkName Your Livefyre provided network name.
token Valid system token.
url URL to register.

The URL registered should accept POSTs with the following data as content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Parameter Description
jid JID of the user whose affiliation is changed. A JID is a string of the form user_id@network.
affiliation Name of the permissions assigned, which must be one of the following: `{admin

For additional information on updating user affiliation settings, see the Add User Affiliation API Reference.

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