App Implementation

Use Case: As a customer, I want to integrate Livefyre into my 3rd party CMS using the Livefyre.js method.

There are three ways to implement Livefyre in to a custom AEM component or other CMS’ like WordPress, Sitecore, or DemandWare: Designer App Implementation, API, Implementation, and Third Party Authentication Integration.

Designer App Implementation

What: Simplest and fastest way of integrating a Livefyre App. You can design, configure, and generate a customized Javascript embed code to integrate a Liveyfre App on a page in minutes.

How: Create, Preview, Publish, and Embed a Livefyre App


Livefyre.js Implementation

What: Livefyre.js is the core library that powers Apps and Auth on a site. It defines the global window.Livefyre object and a single public method, Livefyre.require, which can be used to load other Livefyre JavaScript libraries that help with embedding Livefyre Apps and integrating with third party User Auth platforms.



API Implementation

For creating customized experiences and data visualizations, Livefyre Apps can be created from scratch by consuming Livefyre and social data using the Bootstrap and Stream API.

Third Party Authentication Integration

For Livefyre Apps requiring authentication, see Identity Integration for third party authentication platforms.

Customer Examples

The following customers implemented Livefyre with Third Party CMS Integrations:

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