Style User Group Content

Use custom styling to differentiate your users.

Livefyre offers custom styling features which allow you to customize content posted by specific user types (such as moderators, editors, or any other User Group you wish to define) to Livefyre Chat, Comments, Reviews, or Live Blog Apps. This allows you to highlight this content to your users.

To add custom styling, first create and assign User Groups using Studio’s User Tags field. Then, use CSS to create styling options for each group, and highlight group affiliation using badges, allowing you to differentiate one Group’s content from another’s on your site. User Groups allow your team to set the tone for conversation, and your users to express their own identities and affiliations.

To add custom styling for specific User Groups:

  • Create User Groups
  • Add Users to Groups
  • Style using CSS

Create User Groups

User Groups and User Tags are equivalent in Studio. Adding a user to a User Group appends a User Tag to their account, which you can style using the Livefyre CSS customizations.

All users who have posted content into a Collection may be added to one or more User Groups through Studio. This includes both banned and allow-listed users, and content originating with SocialSync and Curate.

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