Feature Content

Use custom styling to highlight featured content.

Featuring content allows you to call attention to selected user posts. Featured content may be styled differently than other content on the page, and featured Livefyre-native content appears above the editor. Once featured, content includes a Featured badge, and may be custom styled using the fyre-featured CSS class. The two most recently featured Livefyre-native content items will also be displayed above the editor in the stream.

  1. Enable the option in Studio. See .

  2. Train your moderators to identify and select content to be featured directly from a Comments, Live Blog or Reviews App, or from the App Content and ModQ sections of Studio.

    Moderators can:
  3. Use CSS to style the way in which the content will be displayed in the App. See .

  4. Use API calls to automate the process. See .

  5. Aggregate Featured Content. See .

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