Twitter Display Requirements

Social media networks often require that their content be displayed to conform with their brand standards. When using the Livefyre platform to re-present Twitter content you are at all times responsible for compliance with their terms of use, including their display requirements. Please be certain to read and understand their terms and conditions before displaying their content in your Livefyre Apps.

For more information, please see Twitter’s Display Requirements documentation.

Twitter mandates the following presentation requirements:

  • Online (web and mobile) display must include all of the following:

    • Twitter logo
    • Username, @handle, avatar
    • Unaltered Tweet text
    • Twitter actions (Reply, Retweet, Like)
    • Timestamp
  • Passive display (broadcast, in-venue, digital out of help) must include at least the following:

    • Twitter logo
    • Unaltered Tweet text (can remove the links if not contextually relevant)
    • Username and handle
  • Tweets cannot be used near advertising or in a way that implies endorsement.

  • Tweets or Twitter content cannot be used in an ad unless you have express consent from the user.

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