Restrict Media

Limit the type of media that gets into the App stream.

By default, all media attachments can be embedded into Apps. Livefyre allows you to change this option to prevent users from posting selected attachment types to your Apps.


Livefyre partners with Embedly for media integration. For more information, see Content Integration > Embedly Integration. Please contact your Technical Account Manager for questions about link expansion or sources.

This example blocks YouTube and Vimeo embeds from your comment stream:

var attachmentDelegate = function(embedObj) { 
   var providersToBlock = ['youtube', 'vimeo']; 
   for (var i=0, len=providersToBlock.length; i<len; i++) { 
      if (embedObj.provider_url.indexOf(providersToBlock[i]) > -1) { 
         return false; 
   return true; 

When loading the conversation:

networkConfig["attachmentDelegate"] = attachmentDelegate; 
fyre.conv.load(networkConfig, [convConfig]);

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