CSS Classes

Use available CSS classes to customize your Apps’ display.

Available for Chat, Comments, Live Blog, Reviews, and Sidenotes.

Use CSS to customize your Livefyre Apps for a more complete integration with your page, by simply overriding the default App CSS with your own stylesheet. This section describes available CSS customizations.

Editor CSS

Use these classes to change the post editor interface.

Class Description
.fyre-comment-count The text displaying the number of comments.
.fyre-login-bar The bounding box that contains the login bar and options.
.fyre-live-container The bounding box around the number of people listening and their avatars.
.fyre-editor The bounding box around the .fyre-login-bar, .fyre-live-container and the text area where users write their comments.
.fyre-stream-sort The bounding box around the sorting options.

You can also edit styles in the App configuration itself, including the editor field background color, and the font color, size, and family of the text that appears inside the editor.

To customize the comment editor, add the editorCss:{} object to fyre.conv.load() and include your desired styling. For example, to update the editor with your custom CSS:

fyre.conv.load(networkConfig, [{
   siteId: LF_siteId,
   el: 'livefyre',
   articleId: LF_articleId,
   collectionMeta: #CollectionMeta
   editorCss: {
      background: '#ccc',
      color: 'red',
      font: '30px "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, Geneva, sans-serif'

Sorting Options CSS

Class Description
.fyre-stream-sort The entire sorting options div.
.fyre-stream-sort-newest The option “Newest”.
.fyre-stream-sort-oldest The option “Oldest”.
.fyre-stream-sort-bar The separator bar between the options.
.fyre-stream-sort-selected The currently selected sorting option.

HTML Structure:

<div class="fyre-stream-sort">
   <a href="#" class="fyre-stream-sort-newest fyre-stream-sort-selected">Newest</a>
   <span class="fyre-stream-sort-bar"> | </span>
   <a href="#" class="fyre-stream-sort-oldest">Oldest</a>

Hide the ‘|’ separating the sorting options.

.fyre-stream-sort .fyre-stream-sort-bar {
    display: none !important;

Comment CSS

Class Description
.fyre-comment-author-tag- custom tag name Livefyre will create a CSS class in this format for each user tag added through Livefyre’s Studio, Profile Sync. This class may be used to style the background for any content posted by user accounts including that tag.
.fyre-tag-content-icon- tag name Livefyre will create a CSS class in this format for each content tag added through Livefyre Studio. This class may be used to style any content to which you have added the tag.
.fyre-comment-user The bounding box that contains the user profile picture.
.fyre-comment-username The username.
.fyre-moderator The moderator bounding box.
.fyre-comment Bounding box around the comment text/link.
.fyre-comment-article The bounding box for the entire comment content.
.fyre-comment-date The tag attached to the “time since posted” element.
.fyre-comment-media The bounding box around the media content.
.fyre-comment-actions The bounding box around the available actions to take on a comment.
.fyre-comment-like The bounding box around the “Like” link.
.fyre-comment-reply The bounding box around the “Reply” link.

Featured Comments CSS


All Comment CSS classes may also be applied to Featured Content.

Class Description
.fyre-featured-content-wrapper The container div for the reader.
.fyre-featured-header The leading title bar.
.fyre-featured-header-icon The header’s quill icon.
.fyre-featured-title The header text.
.fyre-featured-body The container div for featured content in the reader.
.fyre-featured-quote The quote icon that begins each content item.

Archived Comments CSS


All content CSS classes may also be applied to archived content.

Class Description
.fyre-archive-stream-title The “From the Archive” text.
.fyre-archive-stream-title-icon The logo for the “From the Archive” header.

Comment Notifier CSS

These classes allow you to customize the Livefyre Comment Notifier.

Class Description
.fyre-notification The div for the list item (both new and archive content).
.fyre-notifier The wrapper for the contents of the Notifier.
.fyre-notifier-archive The wrapper for all new content other than the most recent post.
.fyre-notifier-avatar The image for the avatar.
.fyre-notifier-avatar-container The container div for the user avatar. Allows you to define positioning.
.fyre-notifier-avatar-shading The shading for the avatar div.
.fyre-notifier-banner The container for the Notifier’s preview content, which displays the user avatar and a content snippet for the most recently posted item.
.fyre-notifier-base The container for the information part of the Notifier, which lists the number of new comments, the Notifier caption, and the close button.
.fyre-notifier-base-close The container div for the close button (x) for the Notifier.
.fyre-notifier-base-shadow The shading for the Notifier base.
.fyre-notifier-caption The text displayed for the notifier. ‘New Comment(s)’ by default.
.fyre-notifier-close A button which closes the notifier.
.fyre-notifier-container The container for the Notifier, includes both the banner and the base.
.fyre-notifier-counter The container for the number listed in the Notifier.
.fyre-notifier-list The container for the most recent piece of content.
.fyre-notifier-message The first ~30 characters of the content displayed.
.fyre-notifier-message-container The container div for the header message.

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