Change Display Options

Customize App display options to match your branding and style.

Available for Chat, Comments, Live Blog, Reviews, and Sidenotes.

Livefyre offers several options by which your App’s display may be customized to fit your branding and style, including CSS classes, localized text strings, and App element and media restrictions. Options may be defined for Comments, Live Blog, Reviews, Sidenotes, the Comment Notifier, archived comments, and pre-defined user groups.

This section describes the following available display customization options:

  • Available CSS Classes allow you to change div elements, sort options, bounding boxes, icons, and other display options for your Apps.
  • Localize Strings to set the language and tone for your Apps.
  • Specify the Date/Time Format to conform to your style.
  • Move the Livefyre Logo to display it less conspicuously on your App.
  • Restrict Media to prevent users from uploading specified media embed types.
  • Hide App Elements to simplify your user experience.
  • Change the Livefyre @mention Icon to select a custom icon to display in pulldown @mention menus for members of your Livefyre audience.

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