Add Custom Buttons

Add custom actions to your Livefyre Apps.

Livefyre allows you add custom buttons next to the existing action buttons (like Share, and Flag) on a piece of content.

Use the mobile argument to define whether the button will be displayed on mobile devices.

For example, to add a custom action button for your mobile device interface:

var convConfig = {...}; // Should have siteId, articleId, etc.
convConfig.actionButtons = [
      mobile: true,
      // (optional) sets whether the button will appear on mobile devices
      key: 'Do Something',
      callback: function(contentInfo) {
         console.log('Author of content is ' + contentInfo.authorId);
         console.log('id of content is ' + contentInfo.contentId);

fyre.conv.load(networkConfig, [convConfig]);
  1. Pass an additional argument in your ConvConfig object named actionButtons, containing an array of objects describing each button you would like to add.
  2. Define a key for the text to display for each button.
  3. Add a callback that will be invoked on a click event for each button.

The callback is invoked with an object with two keys: authorId and contentId.

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