Multiple Collections

Showcase multiple Collections on a single page.

You may include multiple Collections on a single page on your site. For example, to publish an event, you may have a Live Blog or Chat discussion during the event, with a separate App on the side of your page, displaying related Curated Content from around the social web. Or, you could include a Comments App below an article, with a Chat to the side.

To get multiple conversations on a page, add one or more configurations in an array and pass the array to the load call. For example.

<script src='//'></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
convConfig1 = {"collectionMeta": <COLLECTION META 1>,
             "checksum": <CHECKSUM 1>,
             "siteId": <SITE ID>,
convConfig2 = {"collectionMeta": <COLLECTION META 2>,
             "checksum": <CHECKSUM 2>,
             "siteId": <SITE ID>,
convConfig3 = {"collectionMeta": <COLLECTION META 3>,
             "checksum": <CHECKSUM 3>,
             "siteId": <SITE ID>,

Livefyre.require(['fyre.conv#prod'],function(Conv) {
    new Conv({"network": "<NETWORK NAME>"},
    function(app) {
        window.changeConv = app.changeCollection;

<div id="livefyre"></div>
<button onclick="window.changeConv(convConfig1);">Conv 1</button>
<button onclick="window.changeConv(convConfig2);">Conv 2</button>
<button onclick="window.changeConv(convConfig3);">Conv 3</button>

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