Adobe Target v2 Extension release notes

March 25, 2021

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.13.7

  • Fixed an issue with targetPageParams being included in mbox requests. targetPageParams should only be included in pageLoad requests.
  • Fixed an issue with document and window global objects in the Adobe Experience Platform Launch extension by replacing the Platform Launch global object dependencies with direct references to them.
  • Updated at.js to 2.4.1.

January 25, 2021

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.13.6

  • Adds support for unified profile/platform ID to delivery API customerIds
  • Fixes invalid style tag injection
  • Updated at.s to 2.4.0
  • Resolved issue where undefined params can result in bad delivery requests

November 25, 2020

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.13.4

  • Fixed a bug where mbox parameters were not displaying in the UI
  • Branding updates
  • Updated the at.js version to 2.3.3

July 24, 2020

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.13.3

  • Fixed a bug that caused QA mode links not to work for inactive activities
  • Fixed a bug when the extension fails if a script or code adds default property to the window or document

June 15, 2020

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.13.2

  • Fixed an issue when using CNAME and edge override, where at.js 1.x might incorrectly create the server domain, resulting in the Target request failing
  • Fixed an issue where, when using Target extension v2 for Adobe Experience Platform Launch and Adobe Analytics extension, Target delayed the Analytics sendBeacon call
  • Improved the deviceIdLifetime setting by making it overridable via targetGlobalSettings

March 25, 2020

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.13.0

  • Updated at.js to v2.3.
  • Added Target Global Mbox support in API
  • Fixed an issue where params and page load params were not processed correctly

October 10, 2019

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.12.0

  • Updated at.js to v2.2.
  • Improved performance for integrations between Experience Cloud ID library (ECID) v4.4 and at.js 2.2.
  • Previously, the ECID library made two blocking calls before at.js could fetch experiences. This has been reduced to a single call, which significantly improves performance.

Please upgrade your ECID extension for Platform Launch to v4.4.1 to take advantage of this performance enhancement.

July 31, 2019

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.11.1

  • Updated extension version to use at.js 2.1.1
  • Added a fix for handling parameters

June 3, 2019

Adobe Target v2 Extension 0.11.0

  • New Platform Launch extension to support at.js 2.1

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