Adobe ContextHub extension overview

Use this reference for information about configuring the Adobe ContextHub extension, and the options available when using this extension to build a rule.

Configure the Adobe ContextHub extension

This section provides a reference for the options available when configuring the Adobe ContextHub extension.

If the Adobe ContextHub extension is not yet installed, open your property, then select Extensions > Catalog, hover over the Adobe ContextHub extension, and select Install.

To configure the extension, open the Extensions tab, hover over the extension, and then select Configure.

Select the ContextHub type. The following configuration options are available:

Default ContextHub Data Layer

Use this option if you want Adobe Experience Platform Launch to reference the default ContextHub schema for this integration. If you have made changes to your ContextHub schema, or want to use use a different data layer, use the customized option.

Customized ContextHub Data Layer

Use this option if you have edited your data layer schema, or if you plan to edit it.

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