Discovering the Alpha version interface

About the Alpha version interface

Navigation within Journey Orchestration menus has been enhanced, in order to provide a consistant interface with Adobe Experience Platform. Changes include:

  • Menus moved from the top to the left-hand side of the interface,
  • Grouping of admin functionalities into a single dashboard.

Global concepts on how to use and navigate in the interface (searching and filtering, browsing through Adobe Experience Platform fields, shortcuts) are presented in this section.

Accessing Journey Orchestration functionalities

The menu bar located on the left-hand side give you access to the different functionalities. Click on an icon to access the corresponding menu. You can click the arrow at the bottom left to expand or collapse the menu bar.

When you access Journey Orchestration, the Journeys menu is displayed, allowing you to access existing journeys or create new ones. See Using the journey designer.

The Segments menu allows you to access and create Adobe Experience Platform segments. See About Adobe Experience Platform segments.

The Admin menu is available to all users with Administrator rights (see Access management). It provides a dashboard which allows you to setup data sources, events and actions.

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