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Provides how-to instructions for implementing and building journeys.

Discover the main steps to set up Journey Orchestration and build your first journey.

As a business user, learn how to combine event, orchestration, and action activities to build a journey.


Understanding Journey Orchestration

Understand the concept of Journey Orchestration, the types of use cases it enables and the key elements of how Journey Orchestration works.

Configure streaming events

Learn how to configure XDM schemas and datasets for Journey Orchestration events, define an event in Journey Orchestration ,and configure source systems to stream events

Create a journey

Learn how to create a new journey, start with an event, use orchestrations controls to control the flow and timing of a journey, and use Actions to engage at points in the journey.

Blueprint: Batch Messaging and Adobe Experience Platform

Execute scheduled and batch messaging campaigns using Adobe Experience Platform as a central hub for customer profiles and segmentation.

Blueprint: Journey Optimizer

Execute triggered messages and experiences using Adobe Experience Platform as a central hub of streaming data, customer profiles, and segmentation.

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Learn how to configure, create, publish, and analyze a journey.

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