Message tracking

Use Journey Optimizer to track the messages sent and the behavior of your recipients.

Enable tracking

You can enable tracking at the message level by checking the Open Tracking for email and/or Click Tracking for email options when creating your message.


Both options are enabled by default.

This will let you track the behavior of your recipients through:

  • Open Tracking for email: Messages that have been opened.
  • Click Tracking for email: Clicks on links in an email.

When designing a message, you can add links to your content.


When tracking is enabled, all links included in the message content are tracked.

To insert links into your email content, follow the steps below:

  1. Select an element and click Insert link from the contextual toolbar.

  2. Choose the type of link you want to create:

    • External link: Insert a link to an external URL.

    • Unsubscription link: Insert a link to unsubscribe from receiving communications from your brand. Learn more on opt-out management in this section.

    • Mirror page: Insert a link to display the email content in a web browser.

  3. You can personalize your links, using a simple expression only. Learn more on personalization in this section.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Once the link is created, you can still modify it from the Component settings pane on the right.

    • Click the pencil icon to edit the link.
    • You can choose to underline the link or not by checking the corresponding option.

Manage tracking

The Email Designer allows you to manage the tracked URLs, such as editing the tracking type for each link.

  1. Click the Links icon from the left pane to display the list of all the URLs of your content that will be tracked.

    This list enables you to have a centralized view and to locate each URL in the email content.

  2. To edit a link, click the corresponding pencil icon.

  3. You can modify the Tracking Type if needed:

    For each tracked URL, you can set the tracking mode to one of these values:

    • Tracked: Activates tracking on this URL.
    • Opt out: Considers this URL as an opt-out or unsubscription URL.
    • Mirror page: Considers this URL is a mirror page URL.
    • Never: Never activates tracking of this URL.

The number of messages that have been opened and the number of links that have been clicked are listed in the Executions tab.

Reporting on openings and clicks is available in the Email Live report and in the Email Global report.

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