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Checks if an individual belongs to a given audience.


You can retrieve up to 100 audiences.

The audience name must be a string constant. It cannot be a field reference nor an expression.

Audiences are defined in the Adobe Experience Platform. The expression editor provides an autocompleted list of audiences.

Audiences can have three statuses:

  • existing: entity continues to be in the audience.
  • realized: entity is entering the audience.
  • exited: entity is exiting the audience.

Only the individuals with the Realized and Existing audience participation statuses will be considered as members of the audience. For more on how to evaluate an audience, refer to the Segmentation Service documentation.

IF inSegment('segmentName') == true means that you have a segmentMembership with the entered/existing status.

ELSE inSegment('segmentName') == false means that you have a segmentMembership of the exited status.


Adobe Experience Platform

Function syntax



Parameter Description Type
Segment The audience name <string>

Signature and returned type


Returns a boolean.


inSegment("men over 50")


The function will return true if the individual within the journey instance is part of the Adobe Experience Platform audience named “men over 50”, false otherwise.

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