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Last update: 2023-10-18
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A personalized offer is a customizable marketing message based on eligibility rules and constraints.

You can create a personalized offer by making a POST request to the Offer Library API, while providing your container ID.

Accept and Content-Type headers

The following table shows the valid values which comprise the Content-Type and Accept fields in the request header:

Header name Value
Accept application/vnd.adobe.platform.xcore.xdm.receipt+json; version=1
Content-Type application/schema-instance+json; version=1; schema=";version=0.5"

API format

Parameter Description Example
{ENDPOINT_PATH} The endpoint path for repository APIs.
{CONTAINER_ID} The container where the personalized offers are located. e0bd8463-0913-4ca1-bd84-6309134ca1f6


curl -X POST \
  '' \
  -H 'Accept: application/vnd.adobe.platform.xcore.xdm.receipt+json; version=1' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/schema-instance+json; version=1;  schema=";version=0.5"' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}' \
-H 'x-api-key: {API_KEY}' \
-H 'x-gw-ims-org-id: {IMS_ORG}' \
-H 'x-sandbox-name: {SANDBOX_NAME}' \
-d '{
        "xdm:name": "Sale offer",
        "xdm:status": "draft",
        "xdm:representations": [
                "xdm:components": [
                        "dc:language": [
                        "@type": "",
                        "dc:format": "text/html"
                "xdm:placement": "xcore:offer-placement:124e0be5699743d3"
        "xdm:selectionConstraint": {
            "xdm:startDate": "2020-10-01T16:00:00Z",
            "xdm:endDate": "2021-12-13T16:00:00Z",
            "xdm:eligibilityRule": "xcore:eligibility-rule:124e0faf5b8ee89b"
        "xdm:rank": {
            "xdm:priority": 1
        "xdm:cappingConstraint": {
            "xdm:globalCap": 150
        "xdm:tags": [


A successful response returns information on the newly created personalized offer, including its unique instance ID and placement @id. You can use the instance ID in later steps to update or delete your personalized offer.

    "instanceId": "0f4bc230-13df-11eb-bc55-c11be7252432",
    "@id": "xcore:personalized-offer:124e181c8b0d7878",
    "repo:etag": 1,
    "repo:createdDate": "2020-10-21T20:50:32.018624Z",
    "repo:lastModifiedDate": "2020-10-21T20:50:32.018624Z",
    "repo:createdBy": "{CREATED_BY}",
    "repo:lastModifiedBy": "{MODIFIED_BY}",
    "repo:createdByClientId": "{CREATED_CLIENT_ID}",
    "repo:lastModifiedByClientId": "{MODIFIED_CLIENT_ID}"


Offer representations and some offer constraints are currently not supported with the mobile Experience Edge workflows, for example Capping. The Capping field value specifies the number of times an offer can be presented across all users. For more details, see Offer eligibility rules and constraints documentation.

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