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Decision rules are constraints added to a personalized offer and applied to a profile to determine eligibility. You can view a list of existing decision rules within a container by performing a single GET request to the Offer Library API.

API format

Parameter Description Example
{ENDPOINT_PATH} The endpoint path for repository APIs.
{CONTAINER_ID} The container where the decision rules are located. e0bd8463-0913-4ca1-bd84-6309134ca1f6
{SCHEMA_ELIGIBILITY_RULE} Defines the schema associated with decision rules.;version=0.3
{QUERY_PARAMS} Optional query parameters to filter results by. limit=1

Using query parameters

You can use query parameters to page and filter results when listing resources.


The most common query parameters for paging include:

Parameter Description Example
q An optional query string to search for in selected fields. The query string should be lowercase and can be surrounded by double quotes to prevent it from being tokenized and to escape special characters. The characters + - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ \" ~ * ? : \ / have special meaning and should be escaped with a backslash when appearing in the query string. default
qop Applies AND or OR operator to values in q query string param. AND / OR
field Optional list of fields to limit the search to. This param can be repeated like so: field=field1[,field=field2,…] and (path expressions are in the form of dot separated paths such as _instance.xdm:name) _instance.xdm:name
orderBy Sort results by a specific property. Adding a - before title (orderby=-title) will sort items by title in descending order (Z-A). -repo:createdDate
limit Limit the number of decision rules returned. limit=5


curl -X GET \
  ';version=0.3&limit=1' \
  -H 'Accept: *,application/vnd.adobe.platform.xcore.hal+json; schema=""' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}' \
-H 'x-api-key: {API_KEY}' \
-H 'x-gw-ims-org-id: {IMS_ORG}' \
-H 'x-sandbox-name: {SANDBOX_NAME}'


A successful response returns a list of decision rules that are present within the container you have access to.

    "containerId": "e0bd8463-0913-4ca1-bd84-6309134ca1f6",
    "schemaNs": ";version=0.3",
    "requestTime": "2020-10-22T04:14:12.676802Z",
    "_embedded": {
     "results": [
                "instanceId": "36693c30-0377-11eb-9dd8-d781cc064407",
            "schemas": [
                "productContexts": [
                "repo:etag": 3,
                "repo:createdDate": "2020-09-30T23:46:51.379003Z",
                "repo:lastModifiedDate": "2020-10-02T05:06:36.780806Z",
                "repo:createdBy": "{CREATED_BY}",
                "repo:lastModifiedBy": "{MODIFIED_BY}",
                "repo:createdByClientId": "{CREATED_CLIENT_ID}",
                "repo:lastModifiedByClientId": "{MODIFIED_CLIENT_ID}",
                "_instance": {
                    "xdm:name": "Qualified for mortgage products",
                    "offerui:segmentModel": {
                        "name": "Qualified for mortgage products",
                        "canHaveFolder": true,
                        "isMissingAnsibleModel": false,
                        "description": "",
                        "deprecated": {
                            "reason": "",
                            "status": false
                        "schema": {
                            "name": "_xdm.context.profile",
                            "id": "some id"
                        "schemaName": "",
                        "expression": {
                            "xEventAttributesContainer": {
                                "itemType": "eventTypeCardContainer",
                                "logicalOperator": "then",
                                "exclude": false,
                                "items": []
                            "logicalOperator": "and",
                            "isValid": true,
                            "profileAttributesContainer": {
                                "itemType": "segmentContainer",
                                "logicalOperator": "and",
                                "exclude": false,
                                "items": [
                                        "component": {
                                            "__entity__": true,
                                            "id": "profile._xcoree2etesting.productCategory",
                                            "type": "n"
                                        "isPlaceholder": false,
                                        "comparisonType": "equals",
                                        "value": [
                        "mergePolicyId": "3558157a-19cb-40b4-ba13-a5f5ce31b011",
                        "namespace": "ups"
                    "xdm:condition": {
                        "xdm:format": "pql/text",
                        "xdm:type": "PQL",
                        "xdm:value": "_xcoree2etesting.productCategory.equals(\"mortgage\", false)"
                    "xdm:definedOn": {},
                    "xdm:description": "",
                    "@id": "xcore:eligibility-rule:12333714edbf49e6"
                "_links": {
                    "self": {
                        "name": ";version=0.3#36693c30-0377-11eb-9dd8-d781cc064407",
                        "href": "/e0bd8463-0913-4ca1-bd84-6309134ca1f6/instances/36693c30-0377-11eb-9dd8-d781cc064407",
                        "@type": ";version=0.3"
                "sandboxName": "ode-prod-va7-edge-testing"
        "total": 8,
        "count": 1
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "/e0bd8463-0913-4ca1-bd84-6309134ca1f6/queries/core/search?schema=;version=0.3&limit=1",
            "@type": ""
        "next": {
            "href": "/e0bd8463-0913-4ca1-bd84-6309134ca1f6/queries/core/search?start=36693c30-0377-11eb-9dd8-d781cc064407&orderby=instanceId&schema=;version=0.3&limit=1",
            "@type": ""

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