Publish your messages

Publish a message

Once your message has been created, you can publish it to make it available for execution.


Before publishing, check and resolve alerts. Learn more

Once your message is published, it is added to the message list with the Published status.

It is now ready to be triggered by one or more journeys.


When you update an offer, fallback offer, offer collection, or offer decision which is directly or indirectly referenced in a published message, the updates are now automatically reflected in the corresponding message, without the need to republish it. Learn more on offers

Update a read-only message

After publication, a message is in read-only mode. You can still update it by creating a new draft of that message.

This enables you to update content or fix an issue for example, without republishing the whole journey where your message is used.


The draft version can be edited while the published version is still published and active.

To update a published message:

  1. From the message list, select your message to open it.

  2. Click Modify.

  3. Confirm your choice. A draft version of the message is created.

  4. Edit the content or change the settings as desired.

  5. Click Publish. This action will publish the new version of the message that will be used for the next executions.

As soon as the new version is published, upon the next API call, a new message execution will be generated. The next incoming profile will receive the new version.

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