Create an email

Emails can be created:

  • In a Journey: Once you added an Email activity in your journey, and defined basic settings, use the Actions: Email right pane to create the content for the Push notifications.

    For more information on how to configure your journey, refer to this page.

  • In a Campaign: Once you created a campaign, select Email as your action and define basic settings.

    For more information on how to configure your campaign, refer to this page.

Define your email content

Use Journey Optimizer Email Designer to design your email from scratch. If you have an existing content, you can import it in the Email Designer, or code your own content in Journey Optimizer.

Journey Optimizer comes with a set of built-in templates to help you start. Any email can also be saved as a template.

Use Journey Optimizer Expression editor to personalize your messages with profiles’ data. For more on personalization, refer to this section.

Email tracking

If you want to track the behavior of your recipients through openings and/or clicks on links, enable the following options: Email opens and Click on email.

Learn more about tracking in this section.

Validate your email content

Control the rendering of your email, and check personalization settings with test profiles, using the preview section on the left-hand side. For more on this, refer to this section.

You must also check alerts in the upper section of the editor. Some of them are simple warnings, but others can prevent you from using the message. Learn more in this section.


The From email and From name are determined by the Surface that has been selected when creating the message.

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