Get Started with Datasets

All data that is ingested into Adobe Experience Platform is persisted within the Data Lake as datasets. A dataset is a storage and management construct for a collection of data, typically a table, that contains a schema (columns) and fields (rows).

Learn how to create datasets in this documentation.

Adding data to Adobe Experience Platform is the foundation to building a Profile. You will then be able to leverage profiles in Adobe Journey Optimizer. First define schemas, use ETL tools to prepare and standardize your data, then create datasets based on your schemas.

➡️ Learn how create and configure a dataset (video)

The Datasets workspace in the Adobe Journey Optimizer user interface allows you to explore data and create datasets.

Learn how to use Datasets UI in the Data Ingestion overview documentation.

Step by step documentation to map a CSV file to an XDM Schema is available in this documentation

How-to video

Learn how to create a dataset, map it to a schema, add data to it, and confirm that the data has been ingested.

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