Use Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials

Get started with Assets Essentials

Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials provides a single, centralized repository of assets that you can use to populate your messages. It can be accessed directly from Adobe Journey Optimizer through the Assets section. You can also access assets and folders when designing an email content. Learn more about email design.

Before using Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials, you must add users to the Assets Essentials Consumer Users or/and Assets Essentials Users Product profiles. Read more in Assets Essentials documentation.


For Journey Optimizer products obtained before January 6, 2022, you must deploy Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials for your organization. Learn more in the Deploy Assets Essentials section.

Upload and insert assets

To upload files in the Assets Essentials, you first need to browse or create the folder it will be stored into. You will then be able to insert them to your email content.

For more information on how to upload assets, refer to Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials documentation.

  1. From Adobe Journey Optimizer home page, select the Assets tab under the Content management menu to access Assets Essentials.

  2. Double-click a folder from the central section or from the tree view to open it.

    You can also click Create folder to create a new folder.

  3. Once in the selected or created folder, click Add Assets to upload new asset to your folder.

  4. From the Upload files, click Browse and choose if you want to Browse files or Browse folders.

  5. Select the file you want to upload. When done, click Upload.

    To learn more on how to manage your assets, refer to this page.

  6. Once your asset is uploaded, you can now insert your assets in one of your messages via the Email designer.

    Your asset can also be further edited with the Edit mode of Assets Essentials. Learn more.

  7. From Adobe Journey Optimizer, select Asset picker from the left pane of the email designer.

  8. Select your Assets folder. You can also search for your asset or your folder in the search bar.

  9. Drag and drop your asset in your email content.

  10. You can further customize your assets such as adding an external link or a text with the Components settings. Learn more about components settings

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