Configure SMS channel

Journey Optimizer allows you to create your journeys and send messages to targeted audience.

Before sending SMS, configure your instance. You need to integrate the provider settings with Journey Optimizer and create an SMS surface (i.e. SMS preset). These steps must be performed by an Adobe Journey Optimizer system administrator.


The SMS channel is currently only available for a set of organizations (Limited Availability). For more information, contact your Adobe representative.

Create new API credential

To configure your SMS vendor with Journey Optimizer, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Administration > Channels > API Credentials menu, then click Create API credential.

  2. Select your SMS vendor:

    • Sinch. To find your Service ID and API Token, access SMS > APIs menu from your Sinch account.
    • Twilio. To find your Service ID and API Token, access the Account Info pane of the Console Dashboard page.
  3. Enter a Name for your API Credential.

  4. Enter your Service ID and API Token.

  5. Click Submit when you finished the configuration of your API credentials.

After creating and configuring your API credential, you now need to create a channel surface (i.e. message preset) for SMS messages.

Create a channel surface for SMS messages

Once your SMS channel has been configured, you need to create a channel surface to be able to send SMS messages from Journey Optimizer.

To create a channel surface, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Channels > Branding > Channel surfaces menu, then click Create channel surface.

  2. Enter a name and a description (optional) for the surface, then select the SMS channel.


    Names must begin with a letter (A-Z). It can only contain alpha-numeric characters. You can also use underscore _, dot. and hyphen - characters.

  3. Configure the SMS settings.

    • Select the SMS Type that will be sent with the surface: Transactional or Marketing.

    • Select the SMS configuration to associate with the surface.

      For more on how to configure your environment to send SMS messages, refer to this section.

    • Enter the Sender number ​you want to use for your communications.

    • Select your SMS Execution Field to select the Profile attribute associated with the profiles’ phone numbers.

  4. Once all the parameters have been configured, click Submit to confirm. You can also save the channel surface as draft and resume its configuration later on.

  5. Once the channel surface has been created, it displays in the list with the Processing status.


    If the checks are not successful, learn more on the possible failure reasons in this section.

  6. Once the checks are successful, the channel surface gets the Active status. It is ready to be used to deliver messages.

You are now ready to send SMS messages with Journey Optimizer.

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