Access delegated subdomains

All your delegated subdomains display in the Administration > Channels > Subdomains menu. Filters are available to help you refine the list (delegation date, user or status).

The Status column provides information on the subdomain delegation process:

  • Draft: The subdomain delegation has been saved as a draft. Click the subdomain name to resume the delegation process,
  • Processing: The subdomain is going through several configuration checks before it can be used,
  • Success: The subdomain has gone through the checks successfully and can be used to deliver messages,
  • Failed: One or several checks have failed after the subdomain delegation was submitted.

To access detailed information about a subdomain, open it from the list. You can:

  • Retrieve the subdomain name (read-only) configured during the delegation process, as well as the generated URLs (resources, mirror pages, tracking URLs),

  • Add a Google site verification TXT record to your subdomain to ensure that it is verified (see Add a Google TXT record to a subdomain).

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