Publish a journey

Understand the different states of a journey and the impact of publishing.


Hello, this is Russ. And I’m here to show you in this video, the different states of a journey and how you can publish a journey when you’re ready to launch it to your users. The learning objectives in this video are to explain the different states of the journey and describe the impact of publishing.

Here on this screen, I’m showing you a list of journeys from Journey Optimizer. You can see the status in this column here, and note that several are in different states of draft or live. By clicking on the filter, I’m going to show you all the different statuses that journeys can have. Here, I’ll go through them one by one and explain how they work. The top one with the green circle means closed. No new entrance can enter this journey, but existing profiles will continue through the journey. Draft means that no one can enter the journey, it’s being built and is not yet ready for users. Draft test means the journey has been put into test mode and you can enter with a test profile and validate how the experience looks. Finished means that the journey is not available for anyone. This means that the schedule of the journey has expired and no one can enter. Live means the journey is up, people are entering and anyone that qualifies will go through the journey. Stopped means that the user stopped the journey and no new entrance can join, and anyone that was in the journey is immediately dropped.

You can find a description of all these different journey statuses in our help documentation. Now to change the status of a journey, I’ll show you by clicking on one of these live journeys.

Here, I can go ahead, and in the top right, click this dropdown and see my different options for changing the status of this journey. If I choose close to new entrances, the people that are in this journey will continue until they end the journey or the journey is scheduled to end. No new entrance will join the journey. Create a new version will create a new version of this journey, and the prior version will continue to accept entrance until you publish the most recent version. Upon publication, new profiles that qualify where to join the new journey and all the prior profiles will continue to remain in the old journey until they exit. Duplicate means just create a completely separate copy of this journey. And stop, will put this into the stopped state and eject all existing profiles, as well as stop any new users from joining. Hope this help to explain the different statuses of journeys. And if you’d like to read more about them, go to our help documentation. Thank you. - -

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