Overview over the journey canvas

Last update: 2023-09-22
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Understand the features & capabilities of the Journey Canvas.


Marketers need to engage customers in more ways than ever, whether it’s on email, mobile, or some other channel. On top of that, they need to make sure that all these marketing campaigns and customer interactions are coordinated and relevant. That’s why Adobe Journey Optimizer includes an omnichannel orchestration canvas that allows marketers to harmonize marketing outreach with one to one customer engagement. There are three different elements that go into building a journey on the canvas; events, orchestration, and actions. Events are what trigger a personalized journey, such as an online purchase. Once someone enters a journey, they move through as an individual, and no two individuals are moving along at the same rate or along the same path. Orchestration controls are different conditions that help determine the next step in the journey. This could be if they have an open support case or not, the weather forecast at their current location, or if they completed a purchase or not. Finally, actions are what you want to happen as the result of some kind of trigger, like sending a message. It’s the piece of the journey that the customer experiences. This could be an email, SMS text message, push notification, in-app message, or even another third party action, such as a Slack message. The journey canvas is a powerful tool that incorporates segments based on real time profile data, personalized customer engagement on any channel, and orchestration capabilities that optimize each individual customer journey to help marketers deliver value across the customer life cycle. -

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