Integrate Real-Time Customer Data Platform with Customer Journey Analytics

Last update: 2023-10-11
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Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) is an analytics platform offered by Adobe that allows businesses to analyze and visualize customer interactions across various touchpoints and channels. It enables organizations to gain deep insights into customer behavior, identify patterns, and optimize customer journeys, helping them make data-driven decisions to enhance marketing strategies, improve customer experiences, and drive business growth.

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP) is a customer data management platform offered by Adobe. It gathers and unifies customer data from various sources in real-time, providing businesses with a comprehensive and up-to-date view of their customers. This enables marketers to deliver highly personalized and relevant experiences across multiple channels, leading to improved customer engagement, targeted marketing campaigns, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Key benefits of integrating Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Real-Time CDP include:

  • 360-Degree customer view: Combines data for a unified customer journey view, understanding interactions and preferences.
  • Real-time personalization: Delivers relevant experiences instantly with Adobe Real-Time CDP.
  • Deeper customer insights: Analyzes behavior and journeys, refining strategies through data-driven decisions.
  • Seamless data activation: Streamlines data activation, enabling personalized experiences across channels.
  • Enhanced marketing attribution: Accurately attributes touchpoint impact, improving ROI measurement and optimization.

Overall, the integration of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Real-Time CDP empowers businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences, drive customer engagement, and make informed marketing decisions based on comprehensive, real-time customer insights.

Common integrations

Experience Cloud applications Integrates using When to use Common use cases
Customer Journey Analytics and Real-Time CDP Adobe Experience Platform
  • When you want to use a Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) audience for a journey in Adobe Journey Optimizer.
  • When you want to export the CJA audience to a 3rd-party through an Experience Platform destination.
  • When you want to enrich the Real-Time customer profile with useful attributes derived from event-based data in CJA.
  • Doing all this with minimal latency after publishing the audience to Real-Time CDP.
  • When you want to publish one-time audiences or recurring audiences.
  • Real-time personalized experiences across channels.
  • Comprehensive 360-degree customer journey analysis and activation.
  • Data-driven marketing decisions based on unified customer data.

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