(Beta) Adobe Workfront source


The Adobe Workfront source is in beta. See the Sources overview for more information on using beta-labeled connectors.

Adobe Workfront is a marketing work management application that helps you manage the entire lifecycle of work in one place. Workfront includes reporting and analytics tools that you can use to better understand and optimize the flow of work in your organization.

The Workfront integration with the Adobe Experience Platform sources catalog allows you to bring your Workfront data into Experience Platform and perform use cases such as:

  • Combine work records with third-party data.
  • Apply historical and time-series analytics on work records.
  • Access work records through third-party business intelligence tools like PowerBI.
  • Query work data using standard SQL.

The following work items and their corresponding attributes are eligible for inclusion in Experience Platform through the Workfront source:

  • Portfolio
  • Program
  • Project
  • Task
  • Operational Task (Issues)
  • User

The Workfront source streams all new updates to these attributes and backfills up to one year of historical change events. Once your Workfront data is in a Platform dataset, you can utilize Query Service and other tools to further analyze or join your work-related data with other datasets as needed.

Connect Workfront to Platform using the UI

For detailed instructions on how to bring your Workfront data to Platform, read the guide on creating a source connection to bring your Workfront data to Platform.

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