Adobe Experience Platform release notes

Release date: June 10, 2020

Updates to existing features in Adobe Experience Platform:

Data Science Workspace

Data Science Workspace uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to unleash insights from your data. Integrated into Adobe Experience Platform, Data Science Workspace helps you make predictions using your content and data assets across Adobe solutions.

Data Science Workspace has been working on new ways to enable better experiences and predictions through the use of Real-time Machine Learning. Real-time Machine Learning provides the ability to author, test and deploy custom or imported pre-trained machine learning models in industry-standard interoperable model formats for real-time scoring/activation via an API endpoint.

Note that Real-time Machine Learning is in alpha and still currently being developed.

Feature Description
JupyterLab Launcher Real-time ML starter The JupyterLab Launcher now includes a Python notebook starter for Real-time Machine Learning (Alpha).

For more information on the Real-time Machine Learning alpha, please see the Real-time Machine Learning overview.


Adobe Experience Platform Segmentation Service provides a user interface and RESTful API that allows you to build segments and generate audiences from your Real-time Customer Profile data. These segments are centrally configured and maintained on Platform, making them readily accessible by any Adobe application.

Segmentation Service defines a particular subset of profiles by describing the criteria that distinguishes a marketable group of people within your customer base. Segments can be based on record data (such as demographic information) or time series events representing customer interactions with your brand.

New features

Feature Description
Date fields An “anniversary” feature for date functions has been added, allowing users to evaluate dates without the year.

For more information on Segmentation, please see the Segmentation overview


Adobe Experience Platform can ingest data from external sources while allowing you to structure, label, and enhance that data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, third party software, and your CRM system.

Experience Platform provides a RESTful API and an interactive UI that lets you set up source connections for various data providers with ease. These source connections allow you to authenticate and connect to external storage systems and CRM services, set times for ingestion runs, and manage data ingestion throughput.

New features

Feature Description
Additional API and UI support for cloud storage systems New source connector for Apache HDFS
Additional API and UI support for databases New source connector for Couchbase.

To learn more about sources, see the sources overview.

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