Linking to Websites

Web links direct readers to websites for more information, allow them to interact with external content, or give access to downloadable files. The following steps walk through how to add a web link to an existing concept.

  1. Select your concept from the Repository and open it in the editor.

  2. Add a string of text to your concept and highlight it, or highlight existing text of choice.

    This highlighted text is where your link will be inserted.

  3. Select the Insert Cross Reference button from the toolbar.

    Insert Cross Reference icon

    The Reference dialog displays.

  4. Select Web Link from the left menu.

  5. Paste the desired URL, then click Select.

    The link is functional and will open a webpage in a new browser tab when clicked.

The Preview button allows you see a preview of a topic. Here, you can test your links and view them as your audience would.

  1. Select Preview from the top black menu bar.

    Preview button

    Your concept opens in Preview.

  2. Select your link.
    The link destination opens in another tab.

  3. Return to Author view by selecting Author from the top black menu bar.

    Author button

Saving as a new version

Now that you have added more content to your concept, you can save your work as a new version and record your changes.

  1. Select the Save as New Version icon.

    Save as New Version icon

  2. In the Comments for new Version field, enter a brief but clear summary of changes.

  3. In the Version Labels field, enter any relevant labels.

    Labels allow you to specify the version you want to include when publishing.


    If your program is configured with predefined labels, you can select from these to ensure consistent labelling.

  4. Select Save.

    You have created a new version of your topic, and the version number is updated.

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