Create and use conditions and generate conditional output

Use case

  • Authors can set conditions on a piece of content so they can control whether it is displayed in the output.

  • Authors can choose upon publication to show/hide different conditions.

  • For example, authors can add attributes as version 1.0 and version 2.0 in the content, and use conditions to include version 1.0 for release 1.0 and exclude version 2.0.

Step 1

Define conditions relevant to the documentation in Folder Profiles:
Refer to section Configure conditional attributes for global or folder-level profiles in Page 64 of the Installation and Configuration Guide

Configure Conditions in Folder Profiles

Step 2

Select the Folder Profile defined in Step 1 in User Preferences in XML Editor:
Refer to section User Preferences in Page 39 of User Guide

Step 3

Use the conditions to conditionalize sections of content :
Refer to section Conditions in Page 81 of User Guide

Use Conditions in Web Editor

Step 4

Define condition presets at map level to choose which conditions to enable in the output :
Refer to section Use condition presets in Page 184 of User Guide

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