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Last update: 2021-06-21
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This section provides best practices related to managing device and content anomalies in a digital signage project.

Support monitoring includes:

  • Device Monitoring
  • Content Monitoring

Content Monitoring

Content monitoring allows you to troubleshoot the issues related to content not properly displayed on the screen:

  1. If blank screen issue is encountered:

    • Check preview to see if the channel is showing a black screen
    • Register a local chrome player (as extension) on your laptop to that display and see if that shows a black screen.
    • Right click and inspect and check applicable logs.

    Additionally, If this is not happening on the local player but only on device:

    • Check media type (being used) that may have issues on that device and also confirm if the content successfully downloaded locally (admin UI clear channel cache).
    • Include any device logs in the ticket for quick troubleshooting.
    • Collect logs from the device from AEM.

Device Monitoring

Device monitoring related to monitoring the physical device if you encounter blank screen issue:

  1. If blank screen issue is encountered:

    • Check if the display is powered on.
    • Check if the computer is powered on and is sending signal.
    • Right click, inspect and check applicable logs.

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