UX Journey Map


Typical stakeholder for this activity is a Marketing/Business Strategists.

A User Experience Journey Map is designed to provide visibility into how and why users will experience the digital content delivered by the network.

Building the UX Journey Map

Having a strong understanding of how consumers will interact with a digital signage network in a physical space is critical to the success and value delivered by that network. It also helps to understand how the digital experiences will be consumed within the context of all the other channels a customer may encounter.

The UX Journey map is a very good way of visualizing how a visitor may move through a physical space, what elements they may encounter and how the digital experience delivered by the network may fill any gaps in the overall journey.

In this phase of the project we may choose to define options and dependencies for dynamic or interactive content so that we can prototype them later. This would include a storyboard for each interaction, data trigger or loop segment that the network will deliver along with the KPI’s defined in the Strategy Brief.

It is encouraged that project leaders and key stake holders be allowed to experiment with the physical placement of digital elements along various parts of the store journey as well as the actual digital experiences that may be delivered.


Start collecting analytics during the pilot to help business teams validate the success of the solution against the specific metrics they are trying to achieve. Knowing how the pilot is performing helps the business team determine what improvements need to be made.

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