Device Configurations


Typical stakeholder for this activity is an A/V Integrator.

Based on the information gathered during Day Zero, confirm the following information before beginning development:

  • What is the orientation, dimensions, and resolution of the screens being used?

  • How many screens are being installed per location, and in what configuration?

  • What software and operating system must be installed on display devices?

  • Will an internet connection be required on players to synchronize the screens with AEM servers?

  • When will content on players be updated?

  • If you are running videos, make sure you understand specifications of your device, so that content displays properly.

  • Based on the environmental considerations above, is solid state or hard disk storage is more appropriate?

  • Determine how much storage capacity do you require and what are your storage performance requirements? Some examples:

    • Do you have any special storage considerations (multiple drives, boot devices vs mass storage)?
    • What are your RAM capacity requirements?

It is also important to validate the specifications for the hardware selected to ensure it can support the application being developed. For example, if the application is intended to run five HD videos at once, will the hardware support it?

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