Hospitality Reservation Activation

Last update: 2021-07-12
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The following use case demonstrates the usage of hospital reservation activation based on the values populated in Google Sheets.


For this Use Case, the Google Sheet is populated with percentage of reservation on two restaurants Restaurant1 and Restaurant2. A formula is applied based on values of Restaurant1 and Restaurant2 and based on the formula, value 1 or 2 is assigned to the AdTarget Column.

If the value of Restaurant1 > Restaurant2, then AdTaget is assigned value 1 otherwise AdTarget is assigned value 2. Value 1 generates Steak food option and Value 2 results in display of Thai food option on your display screen.


Before you start implementing the reservation activation, you must learn how to set up Data Store, Audience Segmentation and Enable Targeting for Channels in an AEM Screens Project.

Refer to Configuring ContextHub in AEM Screens for detailed information.

Basic Flow

Follow the steps below to implement the hospitality reservation activation use case for your AEM Screens project:

  1. Populating the Google Sheets and adding the formula.

    For example, apply the formula to the third column AdTarget, as shown in the figure below.


  2. Configuring the segments in Audiences as per the requirements

    1. Navigate to the segments in your audience (Refer to Step 2: Setting up Audience Segmentation in Configuring ContextHub in AEM Screens page for more details).

    2. Select the Sheets A1 1 and click Edit.

    3. Select the comparison property and click the configure icon to edit the properties.

    4. Select googlesheets/value/1/2 from the drop-down in Property name

    5. Select the Operator as equal from the drop-down menu

    6. Enter the Value as 1

    7. Similarly, Select the Sheets A1 2 and click Edit.

    8. Select the comparison property and click the configure icon to edit the properties.

    9. Select googlesheets/value/1/2 from the drop-down in Property name

    10. Select the Operator as 2

  3. Navigate and select your channel () and click Edit from the action bar. In the following example, DataDrivenRestaurant, a sequential channel is used to showcase the functionality.


    Your channel should already have a default image and the Audiences should be pre-configured as described in Configuring ContextHub in AEM Screens.



    You should have set up your ContextHub Configurations using the channel Properties --> Personalization tab.


  4. Select Targeting from the editor and select Brand and the Activity from the drop-down menu and click Start Targeting.

  5. Checking the Preview

    1. Click Preview. Also, open your Google Sheets and update its value.
    2. Update the value in Restaurant1 and Restaurant2 columns. If Restaurant1 > Restaurant2, you should be able to view an image of Steak food otherwise, Thai food image displays on your screen.


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