Managing Devices

Last update: 2021-07-12
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This page describes device assignment.

The Devices console allows you to access the device manager to assign your device to a display.


Before assigning your device, you need to register it. For more information, see Device Registration.

Device Assignment

Follow the steps below to assign a device to a display:

  1. Navigate to the Devices folder of your project, for example



  2. Select your Devices folder and tap/click Device Manager in the action bar. The assigned and unassigned devices display.


  3. Select an unassigned device from the list, and tap/click the Assign Device in the action bar.


  4. Select the display you want to assign the device to from the list, and tap/click the Assign.


  5. Tap/click the Finish to complete the assignment process.

    The display dashboard displays the assigned device in the DEVICES panel.


    Click the () on the top right corner of the DEVICES panel to either add device config or update the devices.



Every time the first device is added to a new Screens project, a user group is created.
For instance, if the project node name is we-retail, then the user group name is screens-we-retail-devices.
This group will be added as a member of the Contributors group, as shown in the figure below:


The Next Steps

Once you are familiar with assigning channel to a display, see the following resources:

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