Setup Social Posting with Experience Fragments

Experience Fragments allow marketers to post experiences created in AEM to social media platforms. The video below details the setup and configuration necessary to publish Experience Fragments to Facebook and Pinterest.

[Experience Fragments] - Setup and configuration to social post to Facebook and Pinterest

Checklist for configuring Experience Fragments to post to Facebook and Pinterest

  1. AEM Author Instance is running on HTTPS
  2. Facebook Account + Facebook Developer App
  3. Pinterest Account + Pinterest Developer App
  4. AEM Cloud Services Configuration - Facebook
  5. AEM Cloud Services Configuration - Pinterest
  6. AEM Experience Fragment with Cloud Services for Facebook + Pinterest
  7. Experience Fragment Variation using Facebook Template
  8. Experience Fragment Variation using Pinterest Template

Experience Fragment Redirect URI

This URI is used for Facebook and Pinterest apps as part of the Oauth flow.

 /* replace localhost:8443 with your aem host info */


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