Development considerations

Last update: 2024-01-25
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After enabling the front-end pipeline to only deploy the front-end resources in AEM as a Cloud Service environment, there is some impact on the local AEM development and you have to tweak the git branching model.


  • How to have a frictionless front-end and back-end development flow
  • Review the dependencies between the full-stack and front-end pipeline

Local development considerations

Adjusted development approach

  • For the local development using AEM SDK, the back-end dev team still needs clientlib generation via ui.frontend module but during Cloud Manager deployment to AEM as a Cloud Service environment you have to skip it. This surfaces a challenge on how to isolate the project config changes outlined in the Update Project chapter.

A solution could be to adjust your git branching model and making sure the AEM project config changes never flow back to the local development branch the AEM back-end developers use.

  • As part of an ongoing enhancement to your AEM project, if you introduce new components or update an existing component that has changes in both and ui.frontend module, you have to run both full-stack and front-end pipelines.

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