Create client lib

Create client lib which will include the code to invoke the method doAjaxSubmitWithFileAttachment of the guideBridge API on the click event of the button identified by the CSS class savebutton. We pass the adaptive form data, fileMap, and the mobileNumber to the endpoint listening at **/bin/storeafdatawithattachments

After the form data is saved a unique application id is generated and presented to the user in a dialog box. On dismissing the dialog box the user is taken to the form which allows them to retrieve the saved adaptive form using the unique application id.

$(document).ready(function () {

  $(".savebutton").click(function () {
    var tel = guideBridge.resolveNode(
    var telephoneNumber = tel.value;
      success: function (data) {
        var map = guideBridge._getFileAttachmentMapForSubmit();
            fileMap: map,
            mobileNumber: telephoneNumber,
            success: function (x) {
                "This is your reference number.<br>" +
                  " <br>You will need this to retrieve your application",
                function () {
                    "This was logged in the callback! After the ok button was pressed"
                  window.location.href =

We have used bootbox javascript library to display dialog box

The client libraries used in this sample can be downloaded from here

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