Create Interactive Communication for Web Channel

In this part, we will create Interactive Communication for Web Channel.

  1. Log in to the AEM author instance and navigate to Adobe Experience Manager > Forms > Forms & Documents.

  2. Open the 401KStatment folder.

  3. Tap Create and select Interactive Communication. Create Interactive Communication page appears.

  4. Enter the following information

    1. Title:401KStatement
    2. Description: 401KStatement for individual participants
    3. Form Data Model:RetirementAccountStatement
    4. Prefill Service: Form Data Model Prefill Service
  5. Tap Next

  6. Specify the following

    1. Uncheck the Print channel check box. We are not creating the document for the print channel.
    2. Web: Select this option to generate the document for the web channel
    3. Interactive Communication: Template: global>RetirementAccountStatement(This is the template created in the earlier step)
    4. Theme:** Reference Theme ->Canvas 2.0**
  7. Tap Create

  8. You can either click on Done or Edit to dismiss the dialog box.

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