Using AEM Forms with Acrobat Sign

Acrobat Sign enables e-signature workflows for adaptive forms. E-signatures improve workflows to process documents for legal, sales, payroll, human resource management, and many more areas.
The integration between AEM Forms and Acrobat Sign will allow you to do the following

  • Use Adaptive Forms to capture data and present autogenerated Document of Record(DoR) for signatures
  • Create Adaptive Forms based on your PDF template. Merge the data with the pdf template and present the same for signatures
  • Send documents for signing using the Sign Document workflow component


You require the following to integrate Acrobat Sign with AEM Forms:

  • An SSL enabled AEM Forms server
  • An active Acrobat Sign developer account.
  • An Acrobat Sign API application
  • Credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) of Acrobat Sign API application.

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