Automated Forms Conversion Service

This article describes how an AEM administrator can configure Automated Forms Conversion service to automate conversion of their PDF forms to adaptive forms. This help is for IT and AEM administrators at your organization. The information provided is based on the assumption that anyone reading this Help is familiar with the following technologies:

  • Installing, configuring, and administering Adobe Experience Manager and AEM packages,
  • Using Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems,
  • Configuring SMTP mail servers


You require the following to use the Automated Forms Conversion Service:

  • Automated Forms Conversion service is enabled for your organization
  • An Adobe ID account with administrator privileges for the conversion service
  • An up and running AEM 6.4 or AEM 6.5 author instance with latest AEM Service Pack
  • An AEM user (on your AEM instance) which is member of forms-user group

The following video can be followed after Adobe enables access for your organization and provides required privileges to the administrator, the administrator can log into Admin Console , create a profile, and add developers to the profile. Developers can connect a local instance of AEM Forms to Automated Forms Conversion service on Adobe Cloud.

  • The video explains the steps needed to connect your local AEM Forms instance to Automated Forms Conversion service on Adobe Cloud.

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