Using custom functions and code editor

In this part, we will use custom functions and the code editor to author business rules.

you have already installed the ClientLib with custom function earlier in this tutorial.

Typically a client library consists of CSS and Javascript file. This client library contains javascript file which exposes a function to populate drop-down list values.

Function to Populate Drop Down List

Set Summary Title of Panel

Validate Panel

The following is the code used to validate panel fields

var errors =[];
var fields ="";
var currentPanel = guideBridge.getFocus({"focusOption": "navigablePanel"});
console.log("The errors are "+ errors.length);
        window.guideBridge.setFocus(this.panel.somExpression, 'nextItem', true);
    for(var i=0;i<errors.length;i++)
        var fields = fields+guideBridge.resolveNode(errors[i].som).title+" , ";
        window.confirm("Please fill out  "+fields.slice(0,-1)+ " fields");

You can uncomment line 1 to debug the code in browser window.

Line 4 - Get the current panel

Line 5 - Validate the current panel.

Line 9 - If no errors move to the next panel

Preview the form, and test the newly enabled functionality.

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