Using CAPTCHAs with AEM Adaptive Forms

Adding and using a CAPTCHA with AEM Adaptive Forms.

This video walks through the process of adding a CAPTCHA to an AEM Adaptive Form using both the built-in AEM CAPTCHA service as well as Google’s reCAPTCHA service.


This feature is available only with AEM 6.3 onwards.


To configure reCaptcha on publish instance please follow the steps

Configure reCaptach on author instance

open the Felix web console on the author instance

search for com.adobe.granite.crypto.file bundle

Note the bundle id. On my instance it is 20

Navigate to the bundle id on the file system on your author instance

  • <author-aem-install-dir>/crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundle20/data
  • Copy the HMAC and master files

Open the felix web console on your publish instance. Search for com.adobe.granite.crypto.file bundle. Note the bundle id

Navigate to the bundle id on the file system of your publish instance

  • <publish-aem-install-dir>/crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundle20/data
  • delete the exisiting HMAC and master files.
  • paste the HMAC and master files copied from the author intance

Restart your AEM publish server

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