Advanced networking

Last update: 2022-10-25
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AEM as a Cloud Service provides advanced networking features that allows for precise management of connections to and from AEM as a Cloud Service programs.

Production Programs Sandbox Programs
Supports advanced networking

AEM’s advanced networking is comprised of three options for managing connectivity with external services. A Cloud Manager program, and its AEM as a Cloud Service environments, can only use a single type of advanced networking configuration at a time, so ensure that the most appropriate type is selected.

HTTP/HTTPS on standard ports HTTP/HTTPS on non-standard ports Non-HTTP/HTTPS connections Dedicated egress IP “No-proxy hosts” list Connect to VPN-protected services Limit AEM Publish traffic by IP
No advanced networking
Flexible port egress
Dedicated egress IP address
Virtual Private Network

For more details on the considerations involved when selecting the appropriate advanced networking type, see advanced networking documentation.

Advanced networking tutorials

Once the most appropriate advanced networking option based on your organization’s need has been identified, click into the corresponding tutorial below to for step-by-step instructions and code samples.

Flexible port egress

Allow outbound AEM as a Cloud Service traffic on non-standard ports.

FleDedicated egress IP address

Originate outbound AEM as a Cloud Service traffic from a dedicated IP.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Secure traffic between a customer or vendor infrastructure and AEM as a Cloud Service.

Code examples

This collection provides examples of the configuration and code required to leverage advanced networking features for specific use cases.

Ensure the the appropriate advanced networking configuration has been set up prior to following these tutorials.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

OSGi configuration example using AEM's to connect to external e-mail services.


Java™ code example making HTTP/HTTPS connection from AEM as a Cloud Service to an external service using HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

SQL connection using JDBC DataSourcePool

Java™ code example connecting to external SQL databases by configuring AEM's JDBC datasource pool.

SQL connection using Java APIs

Java™ code example connecting to external SQL databases using Java™'s SQL APIs.

Applying an IP allow list

Configure an IP allowlist such that only VPN traffic can access AEM.

Path-based VPN access restrictions to AEM Publish

Require VPN access for specific paths on AEM Publish.

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