AEM Assets Microservices - Moving to AEM as a Cloud Service

Learn how AEM Assets as a Cloud Service’s asset compute microservices allow you to automatically and efficiently generate any rendition for your assets, replacing this role of traditional AEM Workflow.

Workflow Migration Tool

Asset Workflow Migration Tool

As part of refactoring your code base, use the Asset Workflow Migration tool to migrate existing workflows to use the Asset Compute microservices in AEM as a Cloud Service.

Key activities

  • Use the Adobe I/O Workflow Migrator tool to migrate asset processing workflows to use the Asset Compute microservices.
  • Set up a local development environment and deploy the updated workflows. Manual adjustment may be needed for complex workflows.
  • Continue to iterate in a local development environment using the AEM SDK until the updated workflow matches feature parity.
  • Deploy the updated code base to an AEM as a Cloud Service development environment and continue to validate.

Hands-on exercise

Apply your knowledge by trying out what you learned with this hands-on exercise.

Prior to trying the hands-on exercise, make sure you’ve watched and understand the video above, and following materials:

Also, make sure you have completed the previous hands-on exercise:

Hands-on exercise GitHub repository
Hands-on with uploading assets

Explore how to defined and assign AEM Assets Processing Profiles to folders and upload assets to AEM using the `aem-upload` npm CLI module.

Try out assets management

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